Let Our Technology Assist You

Healthcare is complex and so is building adoptable technology products for healthcare. From assisting Practitioners with improving healthcare outcomes, to helping Care Providing Organisations get insights about their patients and improve their revenues, our technology can assist you in multiple ways

Experience our new Rounding and Discharge Summary app

Now make all your notes using speech within seconds. Create, Download, Share or Print your clinical notes in your own format !

Empower your practice with our
Speech and Natural Language powered EMR Platform

Speech is 3X faster than typing

Our advanced Speech Software accurately transcribes your dictation notes while understanding all the medical terminologies and their nuances. It is completely personalised for you, it adapts to your specific speech accents, vocabulary and style of records creation to give high accuracy

Intelligence starts with Understanding Speech

Insights are critical for decision making,  whether they are Clinical or Business decisions. Our smart Natural Language Processing system understands speech, coverts it to structure and provides intelligence for insights. 

Drug to Drug interactions, Clinical Profile of Patients, Insights on Follow up and Care Plan can all help the practitioner understand and heal their patients better

Simple SDK to get all these capabilities in your EHR

Use our simple yet powerful Javascript SDK to integrate our Speech and Natural Language Understanding capabilities in your favourite EHR and boost your productivity

Integration with Hospital Drug and Investigations Master

SNOMED / ICD Code Integration

Configure your favourite Order sets and Templates